LG LFX32945ST Refrigerator Review by Cedrick Hirsch

LG LFX32945STReviewed by Cedrick Hirsch on.Rating: 4.5

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LG LFX32945ST From time to time, reviewing refrigerators is more risky than it might appear. There’s always the chance you’ll get carried away with enthusiasm and lose objectivity. In this case, I plead half-guilty. I do think the LG LFX32945ST is worth getting excited about. I claim that’s justified by the facts. Here’s why.

Basic Design

The LG LFX32945ST is a large, French 3-Door design refrigerator. It measures a total 35 3/4″ wide x 37 1/8″ deep x 70 1/4″ high, offering a substantial 32 cubic ft. total storage space in three sections. It’s 34 5/5″ deep if you don’t count the handles.

The phrase “French Door” means that it houses doors that swivel outward from the top 2/3rd of the fridge. You’ve seen that design in the literal French doors that give this refrigerator its label.

Here, they do the very opposite of let fresh air in to a space. They keep it in. The LFX32945ST has special vents located strategically throughout the fridge to keep cool air constantly surrounding your food. No hot spots, no excessively cold spots.

That’s right. With this model, there’s no risk of uneven temperatures. The company calls it Smart Cooling Plus. I’m not fond of marketing buzzphrases but it’s justified here.

The fridge houses a Linear Compressor and Dual Evaporators that really do keep humidity and temperature levels well balanced. I’m not just impressed; I’m grateful. My past model (an otherwise fine Whirlpool) would freeze strawberries if I put them on the top shelf.

And, unlike a lot of consumer products these days, the LFX32945ST comes with a long warranty. The compressor is covered for 10 years. LG wouldn’t do that if they believed they’d have to pay out very often.

That same venting and temperature equalizing system does additional duty. It keeps any odors from accumulating inside the fresh food storage areas. Avocados, salmon, and other foods are notorious for “outgassing” as they sit.

That’s essential, for example, in the case of avocados (and bananas, by the way). Still, it’s not necessarily great for the other foods present. It’s also not great to open the door and smell various food odors, even when you know it’s all still fresh. No worries about that here. Good going, LG.

Door-In-Door Feature

One little side excursion worth taking here about the basic design concerns LG’s Door-In-Door feature.

This unusual attribute is, I predict, about to become a lot more common. It consists of an outer-door / inner-door arrangement in the right side of the top.

You easily depress a large button with a thumb while your fingers grab the handle. A slim outer-door pulls outward to reveal the type of storage you typically have in the door of an “ordinary” refrigerator, plus a little more.

It’s a great idea, a great way to keep up to 40% of the cold air inside intact and undisturbed. This way, all the leftover dinner recipes, pies, and other items you commonly keep inside the fridge stay at an even temperature much more readily.

It also provides a supremely handy storage space for all those items you want quick at hand. If you and the rest of the family frequently find yourself grabbing juice drinks, milk, bottled water, and more several times a day, this is an excellent feature. It’s not just for liquids, however. Store anything you like – snacks, cakes to keep fresh longer, and more.

Fresh Food Compartment

Since the LG LFX32945ST is a French Door design, it houses a fresh food storage area on the top and the doors swivel outward. That gives you a cold storage area with a full 21.5 cu. ft. capacity and offers numerous shelves and bins.

Naturally, you can control the temperature separately. Among other helpful aspects, it provides for a truly wide space for those larger-than-normal platters. If you have a large cake you’ve made or bought for a big birthday party, this is one very helpful design. But even in everyday circumstances you’ll often find a use for this new, wider-style refrigerator. A deli platter for lunch, a big salmon, and many other choices are all made easier to handle this way.

Bins & Shelves

There’s more goodness here than simply ample space, however. The plentiful, well-designed bins and shelves have carved it up in helpful ways.

There are two humidity crispers, ideal for keeping lettuce and other perishibles at optimal condition. (Not bad for homemade cakes, either.) The humidity is adjustable to favor fruits or vegetables – dryer for the fruits, moister to keep the leafy greens at peak freshness.

There’s one full-width temperature controlled drawer labeled “Glide ‘N Serve”. If you like to keep your about-to-be-consumed meats a little colder than the rest of the refrigerator (always a good idea with ham, for instance), it’s useful.

But it’s the 6 door baskets that will see continual use in my house. Only 2 of them are adjustable; I’d prefer more; but they’re all ample volume. They’ll hold gallon milk containers with ease.

In your house, the Spill Protector shelves with tempered glass may get more use. Kids can be very hard on a mom who has to clean up a mess from children learning to fetch things for themselves. This makes cleanup a lot easier.

There are 4 split shelves, very nice for arranging things at different levels, and one that will actually fold. If you need extra space, or just have something temporarily to store that’s tall, the folding one will come in handy indeed.

Bottom Freezer

The bottom third of this model – 10.5 cubic feet to be exact – is taken up by the freezer section. In days past this was a less-than-ideal arrangement. True, if you dip into get cold foods and drinks more often than frozen ones, you had to do less bending. Those, like me, with less-than-perfect backs were grateful. But the traditional models’ freezer sections were often just one big dumping area. Things tended to get buried.

The LFX32945ST has no such problem. The baskets are well arranged, yet still offer ample storage capacity for frozen chickens, ice cream, and many other bulky items. That’s particularly true of the Durabase and Durabase Divider. There’s also a drawer that pulls out.

Either of those sections lets you store those truly large foods, like that big salmon you bought. Sure, it won’t hold the 97-lb Alaskan King record catch. But if you can manage that you need a dedicated freezer appliance anyway.

Water & Ice Dispenser

One thing that doesn’t take up as much space in this model as the traditional fridge is the icemaker. LG calls it: Slim SpacePlus.

Ok, granted that’s a marketing buzzphrase. No matter. Here it’s accurate. By placing the icemakers into a narrow vertical slice of the fridge door you get more shelf space where you need it – both in the fresh food areas as well as the freezer.

It has another aspect that’s equally gratitude-inducing: space-availability on the exterior. The space where you place your glass or cup in a water dispenser in older refrigerators could be a source of great frustration. Consider that annoyance long gone. You can rest a tall glass in this one. And you can fill a great many with ice cubes while you’re at it.

Despite the icemaker’s slim profile, it will both hold and produce plenty of ice for a good-sized family living in a hot summer climate. The bin holds 3.2 lbs, far more than my family would use in a day. If your family is larger, not to worry. The maker will put out up to 3.5 lbs in 24 hours.

If that’s not enough, you can actually increase the production by about 20% by turning the freezer temp down as low as possible for 24 hours. That speeds things up a bit. Not something you’d want to do all the time, probably. It will consume more electricity than normal that way. But very handy if you plan a trip away from home and are in a hurry to fill up the ice chest to maximum capacity.

Both water and ice are fed by water that’s well-filtered, too. LG offers a fine system that keeps out chlorine, iron, and other common contaminants. It’s not quite the amazing system offered by some GE models like the GE GFE28 – that one will actually filter out trace amounts of pharmaceuticals – but the water produced is extremely good quality.

Control Panel & Display

The Control and Display panel of the LFX32945ST is, sadly, its least impressive aspect. Actually, that might be too harsh. The electronic controls work well. They work in conjunction with 11 temperature sensors for various compartments. The LED display shows refrigerator and freezer temps at a glance. It also shows the status of the water filter (LT700P) and air filter (LT120F).

That said, it’s just overall very unimaginative. In a time when simplified tablet computers and other features are making their way into refrigerators, this model is a bit behind the times.

Given the capacity (and the price), not to mention LG’s position as a consumer electronics leader, the company could’ve done more here. It’s as good as anything you’d have seen five years ago, but today that’s not good enough.


While I’m talking about the exterior, I’ll mention the finish. It’s certainly a very fine quality stainless steel, but that’s the only option. That’s unfortunate. It will fit many kitchen decors but ivory, black, or some other color would’ve been appreciated alternatives.


The sub-title for this section is really somewhat misleading. It should say “Quiet”. This is one of the quietest refrigerators I’ve observed in quite some time. You can hear when the compressor comes on, but only if you’re nearby and paying close attention. Otherwise, it’s a very indistinct hum that’s well outside my hearing range from a few feet away.

There is one circumstance in which you’ll hear a noise: if you leave the freezer or refrigerator door open. After 60 seconds the fridge will buzz to alert you that you’ve accidentally left it ajar. It keeps buzzing at 30 second intervals until closed. It’s loud enough to be noticed but not so loud as to startle anyone.


LG also has a somewhat smaller model that’s almost identical: the 30.5 cu. ft. LFX31945ST. The main difference is in size and capacity. The LFX31945ST offers a bit less refrigerator and freezer storage – 20.5 cu. ft. and 10 cu. ft. Remember, the LFX32945ST is 21.5 cu. ft. and 10.5 cu. ft. It has correspondingly smaller dimensions, but not by much: 35 3/4″ x 70 1/4″ x 36 1/4″.


Minor complaints aside, the LG LFX32945ST French 3-Door has a lot going for it. It offers huge capacity (32 cubic feet), intelligent and flexible space arrangement capabilities, and supreme ease of use. If you want something large, but not fancy, it’s well worth considering.

But given the retail dollar difference, I’d be tempted to say go for the smaller LFX31945ST. You’ll never notice the capacity loss. However, given the number of merchants around, the actual price you pay could be the same as the LFX32945ST or even higher. These things are unpredictable. So double check before you commit.